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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Upcoming Book Review

Perhaps it’s all the publicity work by the good people behind MOSC 2011 (thank you!), during the last week or two I’ve definitely been getting more LaTeX enquiries (thanks to all of you too!).

So much so that I was very kindly offered by Packt to review a recent book on LaTeX by Stefan Kottwitz!

(The publisher, Packt, specialises in books on open source projects and pays royalties to the projects it publishes about. I’m rather impressed by that.)

I’ve read about the publication of the book on other blogs and forums and my interest was already piqued; not least because Stefan is a very frequent and helpful contributor on TeX.SE.

Well, I have a book to read and a review to write. Stay tuned!


  1. congratulations, I envy you.
    can't make for MOSC this year, even as a participant(speaker can even get a free accomodation, FTW!).

    my wife is expecting in July... so have to be around her :)

  2. @najmi Nothing is greater than becoming a new father so stop envying me! >:-D All the best to you, your wife and your little one!