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Monday, June 6, 2011

University of Malaya Thesis Class

I have developed a LaTeX class and template for writing an UM (University of Malaya) thesis, complying with the IGS Universiti Malaya IGS Guide to the Preparation of Research Reports, Disertations & Theses, for a friend pursuing her PhD there.

The LaTeX class and template files is available at http://liantze.penguinattack.org/latextypesetting.html#umalayathesis. Hopefully this will be helpful to UM students!


  1. Hi Tze Lim

    First, thanks for sharing this file!

    However, I found that the List of Symbol and Abbreviation is not appearing after compiling the tex file.

    Is it possible to trouble you to have a look again?

    Mei sze

    1. Hi, thanks for using umalaya-thesis! To get the List of Symbols and Abbreviations, you'll need to run some extra processing steps, as outlined in sections 1.3.1 and 1.3.2 in umalayathesis-manual.pdf.

      Bear in mind that only abbreviations/symbols that have been actually used in the thesis, will make its way into the List of Symbols/Abbreviations -- pretty much like how citations and bibliographies work.

  2. Hi Tze Lim,

    Thanks for sharing the template :)