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Sunday, March 24, 2013

WriteLaTeX - cloud based LaTeX compiler/editor

I found out this online service. Anyone is currently using it? Please drop your comment here.
I currently still prefers github for LaTeX collaboration - or mercurial, subversion. 

But somehow you may have specific reason for using any cloud based LaTeX editor/collaboration service.


  1. Currently there ara some LaTeX cloud services as writelatex.com, sharelatex.com or spandex.io.

    They are very similars and, in addition to collaborative work and online processing, they offer github integration.

    Try it, I think it's a new era for LaTeXing.

    +info: http://phobos.xtec.cat/jqueralt

  2. Thanks for the valuable information. :)

    How about this idea; P2P LaTeX cloud. Where we can send the TeX files to ANYONE with working LaTeX packages, and the result is send to sender via email. :) ... But, it is not that practical, because of the security and privacy issues.

    Anyway, everone who love/like to use LaTeX should have the TeX packages available locally, and by then you are (may) as 'clever' as a rocket scientists. :)

    Thank you.

  3. I agree that it is nice to have the TeX packages locally but I have been wishing for a good Android XeTeX solution and I think a cloud service might be a quicker solution while folks work on porting XeTeX to native Android.

  4. Yes, you are right about the mobile computing. It is not easy to write an article from a mobile devices, but, the "LaTeX cloud" services seem to be very useful.

    If you have direct access to a server/PC with TeX package installed, in your campus/company network, you can send your TeX files to it, and do what ever you want, via ssh and scp/ftp.

    Or try this

  5. BTW, if you insist to use TeX in mobile devices, you can try to install Ubuntu on certain Android devices, and hope it got 'TeX packages' :)

    Try this native TeXLive for Android.

  6. These services are awesome. The only missing feature of writeLatex for me is the possibility to edit sources files from a more advanced text editor via ssh.

  7. Hey guys,
    me and my friends are setting up a kinf of LyX online system, with a bibliography system based on Biblatex: http://www.fiduswriter.com . It will all be open source (AGPL) when we finally launch the 1.0 version it in 3-4 months. we just came out with the beta. The idea is to make Biblatex/Latex functionaility available to non-techs. I just thought this may interest you.

    IF you have any ideas or requests just drop us a line

    the adobe developer blog covered us recently

  8. For Android I am just trying an application namned VerbTeX. It works with a cloud based services "Verbosus".

    So far, I have to say that the experience has been fantastic! The only drawback: An external keyboard is a must. Entering the backslash symbol multiple times is a nightmare.