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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Off topic : Congratulations Dr Joey/Rizal Nor!

One of our bloggers (he was actually the one who encouraged me to use LaTeX for writing) recently successfully defended his PhD dissertation at the Kent State University, Ohio, United States. And he'll be coming back to Malaysia soon!!! (to my office, we're in the same department).

Here is his thesis.. enjoy.

Congratulations again, Joey!
As far as I understood his thesis was written with LaTeX and use tikz package.. need him to verify this.


  1. Yup, Exeter.G is definitely right on the money with MikTex. I had problems with the network at home, and decided to just do it locally on my windows laptop. MikTex was the best solution for me on windows. I use TikZ graphics, and use QTikZ to edit and render the pics. I use emacs for windows with customized fonts, theme and plugins for edit latex files. I also use svn on my server in the lab, and tortoise svn client on windows to sync my work from time to time. I'll be looking forward to meet you in Malaysia Bro. I remember you promise me to belanja me roti canai in Sheraton or something.

    1. hey, not sheraton la.
      must be mamak or same standard.
      grad student too here.

    2. Ohh, I thought you mentioned Sheraton. hehehe, just kidding bro.
      Mamak or any other place would be as good as any:) As long it is among friends.

    3. Nak join TT boleh?

      Tahniah Dr. Joey!!!

    4. Nak join TT boleh?

      Tahniah Dr. Joey!!!