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Monday, January 9, 2012

Latex on Mobile Smart Devices

I believe most of us got a smartphone which you may use for surfing, taking pictures, emails and playing games. But somehow you might as well use your tablet or perhaps phone (let say, as big as Samsung Galaxy Note) for your productivity tasks.

Since I am more into Android devices (the reason is, most Apple stuffs are pricey, and I could get several Android devices with the price), I managed to find some applications which allow the users to do their Latex activity. 

I found VerbTex[APK file], which uses Verbosus, (which, unfortunately means, you need an internet access to send your Tex file for compilation). 

Also, I found this for the iPad. I am not sure whether it compiles natively or work like VerbTex. But throughout my readings on the page, nothing being mentioned on sending the compilation over the network (perhaps it could be compiled natively?)

How about you, tell us about your "mobile latexing" experience!


  1. TeXTouch compiles on a server, too. You can only install a LaTeX distro on your iPad and compile natively if you've jailbroken it, because of Apple's restrictions on apps. Do a quick search and you'll find many laments about this. -_- (and no I haven't jailbroken mine because my husband objected...)

  2. While TexTouch does send to a server, you can choose if you want to use their server or your own which is very nice if you want to stay private.

  3. You could also try:


    You edit the doc via the Google docs app on your phone. The Note's stock browser shows the source code and lets you compile. Bit fiddly, but does work. TexTouch would be great for android though... :-(