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Friday, November 26, 2010

Coffee stains on your PDF docs

It's funny and seems pointless, but you may want to play around

Taken from here

Here what I got:

And important point is that, it does not work with pdflatex, use latex compiler instead

(Thanks Toriq for this package. How on earth did you ever came across this package anyway? ;) )

Update: coffee2.sty works with pdflatex, thanks Sharuzzaman and Curutari for pointing that out. I didn't check the current sty after I downloaded the old one.


  1. The author had just uploaded coffee2.sty that works with pdflatex. Try it.

    I wish the package author would also provide more varieties. Kopi O, capuccino, espresso... :-) And YES grubby baby hand prints and food splatterings!! -_- (Now you know what I put up with at home)

  2. cute baby print - nice one

    -updated my note